Frequently Asked Questions, Leg Spider Veins (Surface Laser Treatment)

What are leg spider veins?

What we commonly refer to as "spider veins" are small capillaries that lie close to the skin's surface (in the uppermost layer of the skin). Their appearance resembles spider veins or the branches of a bare tree in winter. This appearance, and their location close to the surface of the skin, leads to the terms we use to refer to them (spider veins) and to the treatment (surface laser). In medical terms, we call these dilated blood vessels telangiectasia. Although spider veins can appear anywhere, they are most commonly found on the legs (near ankles, below knees, on upper thigh) and on the face (typically in the areas of the chin, cheeks, and nose). Rosacea and spider veins are common companions (if you have one, you are more likely to have the other).


What equipment do you use for treatment?

With the Syris 300, we can see below the skin's surface to assess your condition and to determine appropriate treatment. The precision that this allows us reduces the time required for the procedure and improves the results of the treatment.

We use the D940 SkinPulse S to apply the laser pulses, and the Zimmer Cryo Cool 6 air cooler. During treatment, the skin in the area being treated is cooled, eliminating pain and damage. We apply pulsed doses of laser light to the affected capillaries. The heat of the laser causes the blood to coagulate.

D940 FlexiPulse S laser T
D940 FlexiPulse S laser T

What causes spider veins?

While we do not know specific causes, we do know common indicators and factors. For example, rosacea and spider veins often appear together. A woman is more likely to suffer from a venous disorder than a man. Other factors and indicators include

How many treatments will I need?

Often only one treatment is enough to treat spider veins effectively. Occasionally, two or three treatments can be required to deal with severe or stubborn cases.

Is the treatment painful?

The quality of our laser equipment, combined with our skill and experience, makes the treatment painless. During the treatment, to quickly remove heat generated by the laser, we also use the Zimmer CryoCool6 to cool the air and the skin in the area of the treatment. You may experience some discomfort during treatment (during the brief period of the application of the laser, and similar to a light stinging or mild pinching). Each of us is different, in terms of sensitivity, and so the experience of discomfort is relative and varies from person to person.

Veinlite T patented Side-Transillumination
Veinlite T patented Side-Transillumination

After my treatment, can the spider veins return?

To discourage re-occurrence of spider veins, it is important to avoid direct exposure to sun. Use sun screen when out of doors. If you do develop new spider veins, they can also be treated and removed by our laser protocol.

I have spider veins. How can I relieve the discomfort?

Is there a way to prevent spider veins?

To prevent spider veins, observe the recommendations (immediately above) for relieving discomfort.

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