Our Equipment for Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy (EVLT/EVLA)

We use two different lasers for EVLT. Each functions differently, and our choice is based on the depth of the vein to be treated, the results of our ultrasound examination, plus your venous history and anatomy.

We use the Angiodynamics VenaCure™ 1470-nm endovenous laser. The greater wave length (1470 nanometers) reduces the incidence of bruising and discomfort following treatment (with other equipment, discomfort and bruising are far more common). Additionally, recovery time is reduced. The combined benefits of treatment with the Angiodynamics VenaCure equal greater comfort and satisfaction for you.

Angiodynamics Venacure 1470 nm Laser
Dornier Laser

Our Dornier D940 laser has a patented lightguide protection system (LPS) to ensure continuous uninterrupted endovenous laser treatment with a built-in feedback loop. The LPS keeps the laser operating at the ideal temperature without allowing it to ever become hotter than the ideal treatment temperature. The D940 uses a wavelength of 940 nm (nanometers) for deeper penetration and improved absorption characteristics for both hemoglobin and for water. Combined with reduced absorption of melanin, the Dornier system delivers effective and safe treatment of varicose veins and spider veins.

Dornier D940 Feedback Loop
Target Absorption Spectra of the Endovenous Lasers

We have adopted the use of the Klein pump because of several factors that greatly improve your experience during your treatment:

Initially the Klein pump was used during liposuction. Its method (tumescent anesthesia) represents one of the most significant advances in venous surgery in recent years and so as soon as its value during vein surgery was realized, we adopted its use. "Tumescent" is a term for swelling or distention, and refers to the physical action of the large volume of liquid that compresses the vein to reduce bleeding. More than simply delivering the anesthesia, the Klein pump closes the saphenous vein. In combination, the effects of the Klein pump are to greatly reduce post-operative discomfort.

Klein Pump for Tumescent Anesthesia

Please contact our office for a personal consultation with our medical director. During the consultation, we will take a comprehensive history and perform a focused physical examination. We will develop a treatment plan based on your goals and medical history. We will answer your questions and discuss your personalized treatment plan. There is no charge for this consultation.

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